Colgate VedShakti | 6 Ayurvedic Secrets-A ladder to leading a healthy life

6 Ayurvedic Secrets – A ladder to leading a healthy life | Colgate VedShakti

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While modern medicine has evolved enough to treat a lot of health problems over the past centuries, ancient medicine practices will always be its foundation. One such ancient medicinal practice is that of Ayurveda. Ayur’ meaning life and Veda meaning knowledge – literally stands for the knowledge of life”.


Our current lifestyle leaves us with very little time to address health issues that affect us. Well, Ayurveda recommends using natural ingredients to ease these problems. What’s more, your kitchen is sure to have these natural ingredients, which can be beneficial in many situations.


Here are 4 (four) Ayurvedic secrets that can improve your health: 


Tulsi (Basil)


Besides being a revered natural ingredient, tulsi also fights germs and is used for relieving health problems like indigestion and sore throat. A mixture of tulsi, adrakh and warm water can help treat a sore throat. Similarly, a mixture of tulsi and honey in warm water helps with digestion-related problems.


Kapur (Camphor)

Camphor Kapur



While Kapur is a part of many rituals performed to worship deities, did you know that it can also be used to treat sinus problems, cold and cough? Add a few drops of kapur oil to boiling water and inhale the steam to clear up your nasal tract. Additionally, kapur can even help freshen your breath.


Nilgiri (Eucalyptus)

Nilgiri (Eucalyptus)


Everyone wants healthy, young and glowing skin. But how can they get it? Adding a few drops of nilgiri oil in some water and applying it on the skin, has been known to work wonders. Nilgiri can also help protect your teeth from plaque.



Ajwain (Thymol)


Similarly, aching gums can be treated at home with ajwain, which has anti-microbial properties. It helps tighten gums and reduce bacteria buildup. You can either chew ajwain to ease the pain, or mix it with honey and water, and then apply this mixture on your gums.



Dental problems form a considerable part of the health concerns we face every day. Natural ingredients like tulsi, nilgiri, ajwain, kapur, laung, and nimbu can help maintain your overall oral health.


We all know that using the correct toothpaste is the first step to having healthy teeth. So, what’s stopping you from doing it? Try using Colgate Vedshakti, which has the goodness of these 6 natural ingredients with known benefits.

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