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Hi everyone, I am Dr. Shalini and I am a Naturopath. MD in Naturopathy. Naturopaths treat their patients with natural ingredients. So today I have come with CAROM SEEDS. Carom Seeds are the most wanted ingredient for Weight loss. It is very famous and many of you must be aware of it. And the biggest thing is that Carom Seeds get rid of problems in females and are very helpful in everybody’s life.

The only problem with Carom seeds is that it is very hot in nature. This is the reason that people stay away from Carom seeds and it has not become that famous because either Carom seeds lead to Pimples eruptions or make your stomach very hot.

So today I will be discussing How to consume Carom Seeds and its timings. And I will also let you know how to save yourself from the bad effects of Carom Seeds?  As well as how Carom Seeds will be helpful in slimming?

The plant of Carom Seeds is very normal and can easily be grown. It does not require much care. Those of you who live in interiors and is possible for you, then try to grow Carom seeds at your homes because the green leaves of Carom Seeds are very healthy for the body and has no side effects. As it is very beneficial, you can add it to any Vegetable or salads.

The flowers that bloom before the seeds are very healthy for PCOS patients as well as for those who are facing difficulty in having babies, whose eggs do not develop. For them Carom seeds, Fennel seeds, Pumpkin and Drumstick flowers are very important. If you are able to get these flowers, then do consume them. These flowers strengthen the Uterus. So whenever and in whichever season you can get them do consume them or grow them at your place.


Carom seeds cure Kidney Disorder. It is helpful in any problems of Kidney or in passing Urine or Problem in the liver. Always keep in mind that the main problem during Weight Loss is related either to your Intestine or your Kidney or Liver. If you are able to cure this problem, then you will be able to pass urine easily. And you do not get Constipation. So in such a situation Carom Seeds are very helpful. But do remember that if you are taking Carom Seeds Tea or soup or consuming Carom Seeds in any form then it should be cold, it should not be hot. If anything hot enters the Kidney, Liver or Intestine, then it can cause problems.

It cures the disorders of Liver very well so your Liver functions properly.

It keeps the Digestion intact. If you have the problem of Indigestion, then you can roast Carom seeds, Fennel Seeds, Black Salt and Turmeric and powder them and when you have them you get a very satisfactory burp and your food gets digested easily. In fact, this powder is helpful in curing Food Poisoning too. Take with lukewarm water.

When you suffer from Diarrhoea, you get lose motions in high levels, then in such a situation Carom seeds water is very helpful. You need to take 1-liter water and add 1tbsp carom Seeds to it and then boil it a bit and then allow it to cool. After that you need to give 50 ml of it to the patient. But during Diarrhoea the water should be cooled and given.

For Lost Appetite Carom Seeds Tea is a very useful solution. You can prepare Tea; it will be a little hard but you can consume it. If you have a problem of Cough, then take warm Tea but if you have Acidity, then take it on room temperature.

If you suffer from Piles, then in such a situation too you should take the infused water at room temperature. It is very helpful. It balances the heat and clears the stomach thereby curing the piles.

For Flu you will take Luke warm Tea and that will benefit you a lot. Along with the medicines you require a water that will help in speedy recovery. So in such a case Carom Seeds water works very well.

Carom Seeds are very helpful in the problem of Acidity. But the water should always be cool as I told you earlier.

For very chronic Constipation, roast Carom Seeds, roast Fennel Seeds, roast Green Cardamom, and if possible then Licorice. If you make a powder of this mixture and consume it, then the Intestine clears very fast.

Carom Seeds work very well in Asthma. Actually Asthma patients should take warm Carom Seeds tea. I am specially talking about Asthma and Cough patients. In 1-liter water mix 2tbsp Carom seeds, then boil and reduce it to half and then you need to consume it hot. But if Asthma patients suffer from Acidity too then they should consume it Luke warm, you cannot drink it cool. This increases the flexibility of your Lungs. During Asthma the Lungs start shrinking. So when you breathe, then it goes inside but when you exhale, then it does not come out because the lungs have swelled by that time. In such a situation Carom Seeds Tea reduces your Swelling of the Lungs and its Allergy. When you have a lot of irritation, then the Lungs catch Cough, which can happen due to your food habits or any such type of intakes, so in all these cases Carom Seeds Tea will prove to be very helpful.

For Arthritis problem you do have to take Carom Seeds Tea plus, you can prepare Carom Seeds Oil too. For the oil you need to take ¼ tsp Carom seeds, 2-3 Garlic, 1/4th inch Ginger, 1/4th tsp Fenugreek Seeds, fry all these in oil, mustard oil preferably. They should be fried in very low heat. They should fry themselves and become black. Then strain them. Store this oil in the fridge else it will become very sticky. Whenever you experience pain, you can massage this oil. It has a very rapid effect. This oil is considered very beneficial for strengthening the joints of children.

Carom Seeds work very well for Migraine. You need to take 1tbsp of Carom Seeds, 1 stick of Cinnamon, 1 Clove and boil them in 100ml water and reduce it to 50ml, then strain this Tea. When you apply this with cotton, you get a very good effect. Along with that you need to take Carom Seeds Tea. For Migraine the tea should be very mild. You just need to infuse 1tsp Carom Seeds in 200ml warm water and then you should drink it. So always keep in mind that the time of infusion is different for different problems. In some it should be very hard while in the others it should be mild.

People with Heart problem, those who have Cholesterol or Heart problem or even those who have hole in the Heart, where there is problem in passing of Blood, for all such problems or if anyone has slight pain or have had an attack, in all such situation Carom Seeds are very helpful.

Carom Seeds are very helpful in Teeth Pain. If you get sudden pain in your teeth, then in such a situation make a packet of Carom Seeds and soak it in hot water and then by pressing that packet between the teeth, you get instant relief. 

People who suffer with Irregular Menses, for them Carom Seeds Tea is very good. For this you need to take 2tbsp Carom Seeds in ½ liter water and reduce it to 250ml and then you need to take 50ml 5 times in a day, if you have Irregular Periods or get Cramps in between your Monthly Cycle so that the stomach that is near the Uterus starts reducing.

Those who get Excess Bleeding can also drink Carom Seeds Tea. During this time the measurement of the Tea will be to boil and reduce 1tbsp Carom Seeds in ½ liter water to half.

If the Breast Feeding mothers take Carom Seeds Tea, where Carom Seeds will be 2tbsp, then your milk will be good. In such a case if you mix 1tbsp Fennel Seeds and if you are able to get Dill Seeds and 1tsp Soya Seeds and prepare a Tea, then the milk becomes very thick in consistency, child become very healthy, he will never have any cough & cold problem.

So watch this video repeatedly and prepare your notes so that you don’t face any problems.

Those who are not able to have baby or have a lot of problems in the Uterus and the doctors say that there is swelling in the Uterus so you are unable to conceive, in such a situation you can take Carom Seeds Water. In that you need to add Green Cardamom, Rose flower (you can use the dried ones too), Hibiscus flower, you will get everything online, if you get Dill seeds then take that, Fennel Seeds and Carom Seeds, prepare a mixture of all this and then prepare the Tea, which is very important for those who have acute pain in the Uterus. They get a lot of relief from it and are in a situation to Conceive. And if you take this Tea during Monthly Cycle, then you don’t get into Depression. You remain very Cool & Calm and Bleeding is in correct position and you face less problems. 

Carom Seeds are not only for Females; it is for Males too. If you have a Sexual Disorder, the in that too Carom Seeds work very well. It increases your Sperm Count.

I had spoken about Coriander root soup, till now I have not shared that recipe. But very soon I will be sharing its recipe.

Actually I am facing a little problem. My videos are being copied a lot. So I have complained about it to You Tube and they have stopped me from filming the videos till they take an action. So I am waiting for action to be taken on the copiers so that I can make videos.

The recipe of the Root is very effective and has a very fast effect. And you are able to see the results within 2-3 days on your body. This has been tested on my patients.

You can Carom Seeds to Pickles too. That is a very good way. Any vegetable that is beneficial for you, prepare its pickle and add Carom Seeds to it. During olden times when the pickles were made, they contained Carom Seeds.

You can add Carom Seeds in Papad.

Sometimes when you buy Biscuits, they contain Carom Seeds.

Carom Seeds are very good for Digestion. It does have a very good flavor. But the Digestion becomes so good that when people eat heavy food have very less side effects.

If sometimes you feel to divert from your diet and have Katchori, then in such a situation keep in mind to add Carom Seeds, Fennel Seeds, Cumin and Kalonji. These 4 things should be there so that you can digest it easily. And you are able to enjoy it. Also you should have it in Breakfast. If you eat All Purpose Flour in the evening, then you will get Cough. You will be surprised to know that consumption of All Purpose Flour generates Mucous which leads to Weight Gain. So The time of All Purpose Flour is during the day till there is sun.

So reap the benefits of Carom Seeds. But you will have to watch this video again and again as I have given different solutions for different problems. So with that Tea you will get to know how to prepare it.

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  1. Dr. Shalini, you suggested Ajwain potli for all uterus problems. If cervix is weak and due to which it opens as foetus grows and result is abortion which treatments should be taken. Please help. If there is clotting problem in periods and pain in vagina what should be done. Ajwain water didn’t help in clots.

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